CRYSTAL SUP : our answers to your questions

Here you will find all the answers you need to know about the maintenance and purchase of your Stand Up Paddle board.

Our Crystal Paddle ® are guaranteed for 1 year against any manufacturing defect.

The polycarbonate used in the manufacture of our Crystal Paddles ® is a European Lexan type polycarbonate (ultra resistant and ultra transparent) benefiting from the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Directly on our site, by clicking here (LINK). We deliver all over the world!

The Crystal Paddle ® are carefully packed in a wooden crate to avoid any shock during transport.

The maintenance of your Crystal Paddle® is relatively simple.

– Do not store it in the sun, preferably in its cover.

– Rinse with fresh water after each use.

– Do not rub it on sand or reefs when using it. 

Once your order has been validated, we need 7 days to prepare and pack your order, including your Crystal Paddle ®, as well as all the accessories (paddle, leash, fin).

Delivery times may vary depending on the destination.

As an indication: once the goods are ready to be shipped, it takes an average 35 days at sea for Europe, 20 days for the USA, and 30 days for the Indian Ocean.

For orders less than 10 units, we ask 100% of the amount to validate your order and ship it to you.

For orders over 10 units, we accept 50% of the amount to validate your order, and the remaining 50% once the shipment of your goods has begun. Please contact our sales department at shop@crystal-

We are experts in the use of transparent aquatic products. We have been producing and operating our Transparent Kayaks for more than 8 years ( on Reunion Island.

We have a real know-how in the creation of these products, which we have produced directly in our factory, respecting precise specifications. We are the first in the world to have operated Transparent Kayaks, and have almost 10 years of experience in the use of transparent boats.

You can count on our sales department to answer any questions you may have, in French or in English, and who can also advise you if you wish to set up a structure to offer our products.

You can also become a reseller of the Crystal SUP®, and our Transparent Kayaks.

Whether you are a professional or a private individual, if your question does not appear in this list, do not hesitate to contact us

The Crystal Paddle team will answer you as soon as possible.