The Crystal SUP ® :
The new Clear Stand Up Paddle board

What is a clear Paddle board ?

Imagine yourself fully immersed in the seabed, without a diving mask, without swimming, standing up, dry on your board.

The clear Stand Up Paddle Crystal SUP ® gives you the visibility of a giant mask. A 360 ° vision of the landscapes that surround you. In complete safety, free of your movements and with total respect for nature.

The transparent Paddle board is much more than just a watersport or a classic cruising paddle board. Experience new gliding sensations thanks to a concentrate of technology 

A transparent stand up paddle with these accessories

Bring innovation to your nautical activities offers

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Make an impression and stand out from competition with water ride experiences that your customers will remember

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Building Loyalty

Offer your customers thrills with the practice of an outdoor sport, on a board that is easy to manoeuvre


Make it profitable

Expand your business with an innovative (but proven) product for a quick return on investment

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Our know-how: the innovation of transparent nautical products

After the craze for our Transparent Kayak, our customers asked us for a Paddle board with a transparent surface. A few years of research and tests later (rigidity, buoyancy, shock resistance…), we perfected the manufacture of the world’s first fully transparent board: The Crystal SUP ®, in collaboration with major manufacturers in Europe and Asia.


Passionate about board sports, our team is specialized in nautical products.

Our goal ? To offer you expertise and in-depth support.

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